Wednesday, April 23, 2014

No-Cook Thai Peanut Sauce

When it comes to ordering Thai food, I like to keep it simple. Pad Thai, some spring rolls and my favorite, Chicken Satay with peanut sauce.

That delicious peanut sauce.

I like that sauce so much, that I've tried my fair share of store-bought peanut sauces in the hopes that I could enjoy some Thai noodles or satay whenever I please. Due to my wimpy taste buds and inability to handle spicy food, I've never hit the jackpot.

Until now.

If you're a peanut sauce fan like I am, you gotta try this no-cook, made in 2 minutes sauce. It's a game changer.

I cooked up some asian rice noodles, steamed some bell peppers and broccoli, and whipped together the sauce, and had a quick and delicious dinner. So delicious that I don't know if I'll need to keep getting takeout... or maybe I'm getting a little ahead of myself, who am I kidding.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Mac 'n Cheese with Bacon

Mac 'n cheese has been a go-to meal for me for as long as I can remember. 

My mom used to make the thick Velveeta mac 'n cheese when I was little. When I was in college, I lived off of Easy Mac. Now, when I need a side or quick mini-meal in a hurry, I'll whip up some Kraft Spirals, or Annie's White Cheddar Shells. However, as much as I love my boxed mac 'n cheese, nothing beats a homemade batch.

I've made a couple interesting versions (which I'll eventually share), but for now I'll stick to a pretty basic version, with some special ingredients... 

So I know I'm not alone here when I say... I really like bacon. When I have the opportunity to add some to a recipe, I do. #sorryimnotsorry. So it's no surprise that I added bacon to this recipe. What might be a surprise, however, is the type of bacon that was added. In addition to about 6 strips of good, old fashion bacon, nicely crumbled, I substituted breadcrumbs for Ritz. 


Yes, these exist. And they are amazing. A subtle hint of bacon with black pepper and a sprinkle of salt.

You can use them as classic cracker sandwiches, dip vehicles, to bread chicken... the possibilities are endless. 

And of course, you can use them as a crispy, buttery, bacon-y topping on creamy mac 'n cheese.

You might be thinking, "isn't this going to be a bit of bacon overload?" (I mean, who believes in bacon overload anyway?!) But to be completely honest, this mac 'n cheese offers a very nice balance of cheese with little surprise nuggets of bacon, and the subtle hint of bacon in the Ritz topping. So all you bacon lovers will LOVE it, and those that are hesitant will also love it. 

It's a win-win.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Creamy Cauliflower Sauce (aka Healthy Alfredo)

Ok, guys. This past weekend, I made something pretty epic. That something was Pinch of Yum's Creamy Cauliflower Sauce.

This stuff is pretty amazing.

As you probably know, I'm not the healthiest eater, as I'm a sucker for junk food and snacks, but I've been trying to make an effort to eat a little bit healthier recently.

I love all things creamy - vodka sauce, mac 'n cheese, baked potato soup, alfredo sauce.... but this recipe proves that things don't need to be filled with cream to be creamy and delicious.

With minimal ingredients, this is one of the easiest sauces to make, and is extremely versatile. So much so that Lindsay from Pinch of Yum even made an eCookbook with a number of delicious recipes incorporating this killer sauce.

Ok, enough from me....just try it already.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Rustic Lasagna

As noted in my Eggplant Lasagna recipe a little while back, I always thought lasagna was a meal that just took way too much time to prepare, but over time, I've learned otherwise.

The basic 5 layer lasagna recipe was taken from the back of the Barilla box, but I decided to get a little crazy with it an add in a layer of spinach and a layer of... ready for it? Mashed. Sweet. Potatoes. (hence the 'rustic' title)

There's just something about the lovely layer of sweet potato with the saltiness of the tomato sauce and meat. YUM.

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